Police dispose of 2000 alcoholic beverages

Police pile up beer they had confiscated before to be destroyed. | Photo: Maldives Police Service

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Police Service disposes of a large amount of alcoholic beverages that were confiscated as evidence from a total of 71 cases that were reported so far till June 2021.

The 71 cases include 12 incidents, alcohol from 23 cases filed to Police and 36 cases that were sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) so far in 2021.

They were disposed on Saturday at Dhoonidhoo island near capital Male’ city under the rules to dispose alcohol or alcoholic beverages that are confiscated by the Police. The alcohol disposed on Saturday consists of the alcohol beverages confiscated by Police from all the cases reported to the institution till June, 2021, except alcohol from one case that is appealed to the High Court.

Out of these, the alcoholic beverages that were disposed were the cases sent to PGO and later approved by PGO for disposal or the cases PGO decided to not prosecute, along with the alcoholic beverages that were confiscated from travellers who go to Velana International Airport for departure and alcohol that were brought to Police custody that does not point to any suspects.