71 child abuse cases reported in May 2021!

From the protest held in Male' against abuse of children | Photo: One

Male’, Maldives – Gender Ministry of Maldives has revealed that there were a total of 71 cases reported and attended regarding violence against children in May 2021.

According to the Gender Ministry, the most frequently reported cases in the category of ‘Violence against children’ are cases of sexual abuses, of which the Ministry received a total of 21 cases where children were sexually abused in Maldives May 2021.

Minister of Gender, Family and Social Services revealed on Monday that they received and attended to a total of 152 cases in May 2021, out of which the majority cases were related to violence against children, making up to a total of 71 reported cases.

Other forms of violence against children that were reported in May 2021, include of 16 cases of negligence, 15 cases of physical abuse, 9 cases of witness to domestic violence, 8 cases of emotional abuse and 2 cases where children were victims of bullying and harassment.

Statistics shows that out of the 71 ‘Violence against children’ cases that were reported, 41 cases were of 41 girls and the remaining was of 30 boys.

Gender Ministry was also reported of multiple other cases regarding children in May 2021. These include of 5 cases that were reported for violating the rights of children, where three of these cases were reported for refusing the children from accessing education while one case was related to birth registration.

In addition to this, one case of physical assault and one case related to theft was also reported to the Ministry in children’s category.

Gender Ministry informs that in May, one child was taken to State Care while another child who turned 18, was reintegrated to the society with employment during May 2021. At present, there are a total of 216 children under State care in the Maldives.