Fisheries Ministry to place buoys for sports fishing in the Maldives

A fish aggregating device. | Photo: Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture

Male’, Maldives – Fisheries Minister of Maldives, Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan informs that the Ministry is discussing on placing additional buoys, specifically for sports fishing, in the Maldivian sea.

Speaking at an interview with local media outlet “Adhadhu”, Dr. Hussain stated that as they anticipate more fish to be available with the placement of additional buoys in the Maldivian sea, the Ministry has been holding discussions to further increase the buoys in the sea.

We currently anticipate fishes to stay near buoys for about two to three days. If we further increase buoys, double the amount, then we’ll get seven days.

Fisheries Minister of Maldives Dr. Hussain Rasheed Hassan

Along with this, Dr. Hussain stated that the Ministry is also discussing on placing buoys specifically for sports fishing near the atolls, hoping that it would bring a decrease to the number of damaged buoys that are placed for rod fishing in the Maldivian seas.

At the interview, Dr. Hussain expressed concern that even though it is forbidden to use the buoys for any purposes other than rod fishing, there are individuals who use them for other purposes such as net fishing. Minister stated that some fishermen tie their nets to the buoys while fishing and noted that it is a inappropriate thing to do as such acts can easily damage and break free the buoys.

While there are a total of 56 buoys currently placed in the Maldives specifically for fishing, the cost of each buoy stands at MVR 250,000 and can be used for over two years in the sea. Dr. Hussain stated that the Ministry is currently working on obtaining budget to purchase additional buoys.