Hulhumalé real estate sales benefit the rich, leaving underprivileged citizens hopeless: Mayor Muizzu

Malé City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu during inspection in Malé city | Photo: Malé City Council

Malé, Maldives – Mayor of Malé City, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu stated today that it is not acceptable for the government to sell land in Hulhumale’ for expensive prices to the wealthy people instead of finding a way to provide shelter for the people in need.

Speaking to local media outlet “Adhadhu,” Dr. Muizzu stated that he believes that the government is not doing the appropriate things needed to solve the housing problem faced by citizens in Malé as the government is commencing the sale of land to the wealthy at high prices, without stabilising the existing lack of shelter for Malé citizens.

When land is sold at high prices, surely underprivileged people will not benefit. It will be bought by either businessmen or the wealthy. We can pursue these things after finding solutions for citizens in need. This leaves no hope for citizens.

Mayor of Malé City, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu

Stating that the government constantly feeds the underprivileged people with lies saying “It is being completed, it will happen,” Dr. Muizzu stated that the citizens so far never got to see that day that it has actually been completed.

Dr. Muizzu noted that all order has been lost, however, assured that he will do everything he can, professionally, to fix these issues as “underprivileged people should be given the most importance when carrying out housing project”.

During his campaign for the post of Malé City Mayor, Dr. Muizzu pledged to find a solution for the housing problem face by citizens in Malé today. Registration in Malé has been temporarily stopped until a solution is found to the current housing problem.

Although some reports say that the Housing Ministry has decided to commence the sale of Hulhumalé land at high prices, a formal announcement from the ministry is yet to back these claims.