Mandatory quarantine not required in monitoring islands if vaccinated: HEOC

MACL staff carrying out vaccination for airport pass holders | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) stated on Friday that mandatory quarantine is not required in islands under monitoring status as well if the individual has completed both doses of Covid-19 vaccine and presented a negative PCR test to the authorities.

An official of HEOC has informed that mandatory quarantine will not be necessary for vaccinated individuals who have completed 14 days even if the island is under monitoring status. However, the official stated that these individuals will not be allowed to travel from one island to another.

The statement comes after several citizens expressed concerns over the new easements brought to the quarantine measures.

Initially, HEOC announced that if an individual has administered two doses of Covid-19 vaccine and has completed 14 days since then, they can travel to islands without a mandatory quarantine. This was not applicable for resorts and islands under monitoring.

The official of HEOC detailed that the aforementioned easement was the first decision made by HEOC regarding reducing quarantine measures and said that the public was earlier unsure about whether they can travel to other islands once they are released from quarantine with a negative Covid-19 result.

In order to travel to other islands without quarantine measures, HEOC informed that it is necessary for the island to have a positive rate below five.