Special permit required to enter islands under monitoring

Maldives Police Officer on traffic duty seen in full PPE kit amid Covid-19 | Photo: Hussain Waheed

Male’, Maldives – Health Protection Agency (HPA) reminds that individuals can only travel to islands under monitoring status in emergency cases with a special permit.

A statement sent to the city councils by the HPA this Monday stated that even though HPA allowed vaccinated individuals to avoid mandatory quarantine in islands under monitoring statuses, they can only travel to those islands under emergency situations, such as unemployment, financial problems or having no place to stay.

Along with this, HPA informed today that a delay in test results are expected as many individuals have been carrying out PCR tests to travel to the islands of Maldives with hundreds of Covid-19 samples that need to be tested at the earliest. HPA informed that priority will be given to the samples that were symptomatic for the virus.

On July 09, HEOC informed that mandatory quarantine will not be necessary for vaccinated individuals who have completed 14 days even if the island is under monitoring status. However, the official stated that these individuals will not be allowed to travel from one island to another.

In order to travel to other islands without quarantine measures, HEOC informed that it is necessary for the island to have a positive rate below five.