Insufficient evidence to prove suspect made Indian High Commission bomb threat

Malé, Maldives – The Criminal Court at Sunday’s hearing, stated that there is not enough evidence to prove that Mohamed Inad, who was arrested following a tweet threatening to bomb the Indian High Commission, actually made the tweet

The Criminal Court on 5th July, remanded 42 year old Mohamed Inad for 7 days, following a tweet threatening to bomb the Indian High Commission.

The Serious and Organized Crime Department of Maldives Police Service started investigating into the case, taking into account the seriousness of the matter.

Mohamed Inad is currently being charged for attempts to bomb a location using explosives and for threatening to bomb a place very soon. The Criminal Court remanded him for 3 more days as his initial 7 days were over.

The Criminal Court Judge Sofwath Habeeb said that, although he is being held in custody, there is not enough to prove that Mohamed Inad is the one who sent out the tweet. However, there are witnesses proving that the anonymous Twitter account belongs to him.

The remand order from the Criminal Court stated that the charges raised against the suspect are directly related to social peace. The court believes that Mohamed Inad may influence the evidence and witnesses of the case as they have not yet been presented to the court.

Maldives Police Service released a statement following the arrest, saying that they have reinforced the security measures of the Indian High Commission and the Chinese Embassy following the threat on twitter. Police added that such threats, calling to hurt others or damage property are criminal offenses and that the authority will take such matters seriously and take the necessary actions.

In addition to this, police stated that they are deeply concerned by the articles published by some local medias, that effects the country’s foreign relations with other countries and effect the security services provided by Maldives Police Service to Foreign missions.

The tweet that got the attention of the public, stated that they needed an RDX to bomb the Indian High Commission and that it will be happening soon. The tweet was sent out from a fake account under the name “Royal Hussain Thakuru”.