Prosecution files terrorism charges against Indian High Commission bomb threat suspect

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO), today, filed charges against Mohamed Inad who made bomb threats against the Indian High Commission under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (No. 32/2015).

Mohamed Inad (42), Ma. Resting house, was arrested on 3 July 2021 for threatening to bomb the Indian High Commission in the capital city Malé using a fake Twitter account under the name “Royal Hussain Thakuru.” The same account also threatened to host a protest in front of the Chinese Embassy.

Need an RDX to bomb the Indian High Commission … It will be happening soon.

Tweet by Royal Hussain Thakuru

The twitter account has since been suspended.

The Criminal Court of Maldives earlier said that although he is being held in custody, there is not enough to prove that Mohamed Inad is the one who sent out the tweet. However, there are witnesses proving that the anonymous Twitter account belongs to him.

Inad is charged under Article 13 of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (No. 32/2015), for threatening to carry out a terrorism act, with a prison sentence of 4 to 6 years if convicted.