Addu City Deputy Mayor Mohamed Shuaau presented motion to claim land

Addu Equatorial Hospital (AEH) | Photo: Sun

Addu City, Maldives – Sources reveal that the motion to claim land allocated to citizens from the Eastern and Western sides of Addu Equatorial Hospital was presented to the council by Deputy Mayor Mohamed Shuaau.

The Addu City Council on Saturday, passed to claim 42 pieces of land around Addu Equatorial Hospital. Councillor for Hulhudhoo Constituency Hussain Faiz is the only councillor who voted against the decision. Councillor for Meedhoo Constituency did not take part in the vote.

Councillor of Feydhoo Maadhela Constituency Mohamed Faisal proposed to keep the meeting secret. Councillor of Meedhoo Constituency Aminath Saliha, Councillor of Hulhudhoo Constituency Hussain Faizu and Councillor of Hithadhoo Maamendhoo Constituency Aminath Adhala voted against it. However, Councillor Faisal’s motion was passed with the vote of the remaining councillors.

Deputy Mayor Mohamed Shuaau presented the motion to take land near “Maarandhoo road” from block number 349, 341, 334, and 354 on the Eastern side of Addu Equatorial Hospital. The motion also included to take the land from block 383, 388, 378 and 393 from the Western side of AEH.

The Deputy Mayor’s motion was passed with the vote of 10 councillors. Locals have expressed their concern over this decision requesting for revision of the decision. 4 people submitted emergency cases to the council yesterday expressing their concerns.