48 students from AAA file for compensation

Addu Flying School | Photo: PSM

Addu City, Maldives – 48 students from the flying school in Addu, run by the Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA), have filed a lawsuit against the academy to get compensation for the losses they incurred while studying at the school.

The students from flying school filed a lawsuit at the Civil Court on Tuesday, and are being represented by the Premiere Chambers Law Firm. The court has accepted the case from the students, and now has beenr registered.

The students who filed the lawsuit, state that they want to establish the fact that AAA has violated the agreement to train the students and that they have taken undeserved money from the students in exchange for “training”.

In addition to this, the academy on several occasions has forced students to use another aircraft while training, due to the unavailability of the intended aircraft, due to which additional fees were collected from the students. The students request for the additional fees taken by AAA to be returned to the students as compensation.

In addition to this, the students requested to be compensated for the USD 1,835,090.12 they paid to the flying school. They have also requested to be compensated for the indirect and direct losses incurred by the students due to the school and also establish the fact that every student has a right to file for compensation.

Furthermore, the lawsuit states that AAA must not be able to sell their business or change the rights of the business or get registered under a government authority, unless they have paid the amount decided by the court.

The contract between AIA and AAA is set to expire on the 31st of July, with AIA previously stating that they do not plan to renew this contract. This comes at a time while discussions to hand over the flying school to Avid College, a Maldivian institution are in its final stages, with preparations underway to sign the agreement.

While the problems at the Addu flying school have failed to be solved, Island Aviation Services (IAS) has recently announced that they are looking a party to run a flight school. While 13 individuals have applied for this, the school’s location or further details have not been released yet.