JUST IN: Avid College cancels agreement with AAA

From the inauguration ceremony of Avid School of Aviation | Photo: Avid College

Malé, Maldives – Avid College, today, cancelled lease agreement with Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA).

While Avid College signed an agreement with AAA to run the flying school located in southernmost Addu City in June 2021, the newly inaugurated Avid School of Aviation did not have the agreement to conduct training are the agreement between the two parties was not an acquisition.

The Transport Ministry of Maldives informs that institutions are required to obtain a license from the Civil Aviation Authority for pilot training programs, and Avid School of Aviation does not have any such license.

Noting that Avid school does not exist, students raised concerns that the school has been sending enrollment forms to students. Avid has not cooperated with students who requested a refund on finding out that the school did not have an Approve Training Organisation (ATO) license.

On July 13, 48 students from the flying school in Addu filed a lawsuit against the academy to get compensation for the losses they incurred while studying at the school. They are being represented by the Premiere Chambers Law Firm.

The issues of the flying school have been brought to the attention of the government, parliament and other relevant authorities for over a year.