Avid College is protecting AAA: students

Aircrafts of Addu flying school | Photo: Edition.mv

Addu City, Maldives – After months of not receiving justice for the flying school issue, students of Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA) in Addu City, Maldives, has stated that the reason is because Avid college is protecting AAA.

On June 24, Avid College signed an agreement Wirth AAA to aquire all assets of the AAA. The college stated that their aim is to provide solutions for the problems that are bieng faced by the students and to work together with them.

Speaking to local media outlet “AdduLive”, the students of AAA stated that they have received information that Avid School of Association (ASA) is not registered under Civil Aviation or the Higher Education and that ASA does not even have the Approve Training Organization (ATO) license needed to operate a flying school.

Noting that Avid school does not exist, students raised concerns that the school has been sending enrollment forms to students as well.

Avid meets students and tells that the school can be operated under ATO of AAA. But, it is not okay for another company to use the license that was given by the Civil Aviation to some other company. Civil Aviation does not allow that either.

Student of AAA.

Along with this, the students also expressed their concerns that Avid was not cooperating with them. Even in cases where some students who requested a refund from AAA have been instructed to speak to Avid but did not receive corporation.

We enrolled to AAA. Even if the management of AAA changes, students should be officially informed of these changes.

Student of AAA.

However, the student highlighted that so far, they have yet to officially release any statements informing of the changes and have only contacted the students verbally.

On July 13, 48 students from the flying school in Addu filed a lawsuit against the academy to get compensation for the losses they incurred while studying at the school. They are being represented by the Premiere Chambers Law Firm.

Those who filed the lawsuit stated that they want to establish the fact that AAA has violated the agreement to train the students and that they have taken undeserved money in exchange from them for “training”.

Authorities inform the Avid School of Aviation will be functional starting September 2021 with the completion of necessary regulatory procedures.