Fuvahmulah Council releases statement against gynaecologist at Gnaviyani Atoll Hospital

Fuvahmulah City Mayor Ismail Rafeeq | Photo: Twitter/Ahmed Saeed Mohamed

Gnaviyani Atoll, Fuvahmulah City – Fuvahmulah City Council stands against Gynecologist working at the Gnaviyani Atoll Hospital over heated accusations against him for doing things that pose danger to pregnant women and children.

A statement released by the Fuvahmulah City Council expressed concern over the multiple complaints the council has received against the Egyptian Gynecologist for posing danger to his patients. Council stated that they have informed the matter to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and the Health Ministry as well, adding that they are working on finding a solution for the matter.

Over fear that the sorrowful incidents caused in the hands of the Egyptian Gynecologist over the past days could repeat once again, the City Council requested Health Ministry and the respective Hospital to dismiss the doctor from his position. Fuvahmulah Council stated that they have requested the government to arrange a new doctor on behalf of the current Gynecologist in Gnaviyani Atoll Hospital.

I would like to inform that the Health Ministry, Vice President of Maldives and the hospital management gave assurance that the matter will be solved.

Fuvahmulah City Council

The hospital management informed city council that over the past two months, there were issues in three of the caesarean operations that were done in Gnaviyani Atoll Hospital and the patient had to be sent to the capital Male’ city for further care. City Council expressed concerns that it is threatening that the incidents harming the life of a mother and chid happened in the hands of a Gynecologist.

Fuvahmulah City Council gave assurance that they are ready to do anything necessary possible to find a solution for the concerns raised by the residents and to provide the best quality of medical service for the people.