Home Minister Imran confident in finding who funded May terror attack

The Minister of Home Affairs, Imran Abdullah | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives – Home Minister of Maldives, Imran Abdullah stated last Tuesday that he is certain that the investigation would lead to the people who were involved in the terrorist attack against Speaker Nasheed and even the people who funded and planned the attack as well.

An IED explosion went off around 20:20 on 6 May leaving Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed critically injured while he was getting into his car near his house, G. Kenereege, Malé City. A total of nine people have been so far arrested over charges of being involved in the attack.

While the Inquiry report compiled by the Parliament’s Committee on National Security Services (241 Committee) on their investigation into the terror attack against Speaker Nasheed has been publicized, Maldives Police Service is working on completing the investigation and sending it for prosecution next week.

At a special interview with the local media outlet, “Adhadhu” Minister Imran stated that the investigation has received huge progress and guaranteed that it will be sent for prosecution within the given time period.

Minister Imran stated that Police is working on all the things necessary to find the cause of the incident and how it happened along with finding out the people who were involved in funding the attack and how the expenses were made.

He added that as soon as the investigation is completed and sent for prosecution, the public will also get the opportunity to observe the hearings once the court begins the trials. Minister Imran expressed hope that people will be clearly able to see how the incident happened, the how the investigation went, how the proof was found and the truth of the incident during the court trials.