Chairperson of 241 Committee Aslam, Home Minister Imran praise Police on terror attack investigation

Home Minister Imran Abdulla and Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed | Photo: Police

Male’, Maldives – Chairperson of 241 Committee Mohamed Aslan and Minister of Home Affairs Imran Abdullah praised Maldives Police Service on their investigation into the terror attack against Speaker Nasheed on May 06.

Speaking at the press conference held last night, Police had revealed several details of their investigation on the terror attack along with the identification of all the 10 suspects that have been arrested so far for being involved in the attack.

Referring to the successful investigation by Police, Aslam praised the findings of Police on the attack against Speaker Nasheed and expressed hope to find the root of the attack by the end of their investigation.

Home Minister Imran also praised Police and noted that while the attack on Speaker Nasheed was the most dangerous attack to have happened in the history of Maldives, the investigation so far carried out by the Police is one of the most successful investigations done by the association.