Education Ministry cancels school breakfast programs for 2021

Students taking breakfast provided through the "School Breakfast Program" | Photo: PSM News

Male’, Maldives – Education Ministry has decided to halt the breakfast program in schools till the end of this year as a protective measure against Covid-19.

While President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih made a pledge to provide healthy breakfast for school children, the breakfast program was commenced in 25 schools of Maldives as a pilot project during the first term of 2019 academic year. The program was later rolled out to 188 schools throughout the country and on July 11, 2020, the program was further extended to 203 schools, where 57,816 students were a part of it.

However, the Education Minister announced that the program has been halted due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in the Maldives till the end of this year.

While it has been over four months since the schools were closed due to the detection of Covid-19 in the islands, a new academic year is set to begin this August 10. As there are milk packets still remaining from the last order for the breakfast program, the Eduction Ministry informed that they have decided for the schools to distribute the milk packets to the students in need everyday until batch is empty.

On October 2020, STO confirmed that thousands of milk packets that were brought for the school breakfast program has been thrownn away after the milk expired. According to different sources, these packets were thrown away even though the chances of distributing these throughout the Maldives were present back then.