PG and Opposition clash over former President Yameen’s court statement leak

Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom escorted to prison | Photo: PPM

Male’, Maldives – Prosecutor General (PG) Hussain Shameem accuses Yameen’s lawyers of leaking the statement made by the former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom the money laundering case against him over the sale of R. Fuhgiri for resort development. 

PG Shameem denies the allegations made against him stating that he was the one to leak the statement made by Yameen and instead, noted that the statement in question has been in possession of the PG Office and Police for over a year and yet it had not been leaked until yesterday; days after the court had released the said statement to the lawyers of Yameen.

The statement was recently released to Yameen’s lawyers, so they have a copy now as well. Don’t they also have the opportunity to leak the statement as well right?

PG Hussain Shameem

Noting that handling such statements and containing sensitive information is not a new thing to the PGO, PG Shameem guaranteed that the statements were not leaked from the PGO.

PG Shameem also stated that he has not been in contact with a media personnel for a while and added that if the PGO wished to leak something, there are far more statements that they could leak. Informing that the PGO goes through statements with much more sensitive information every day, PG Shameem stated that the statement of Yameen is basically nothing in comparison to the fur more important statements.

PG Shameem stated that it is unacceptable to accuse the PGO of such a wrongful act without  properly looking into the matter as such false accusations would impact the amount of trust people place in the institution.

While PG Shameem pointed fingers at the legal team of Yameen for leaking the statement, a statement released from the Opposition Coalition last night condemned the leak and accused the government of being the source of the leak.

The publication of a statement given by a citizen during an investigation of an ongoing trial can be considered as an act of obstruction of justice. This Coalition is in the view that the publication of such a statement without confirming its validity – should be a punishable crime

Opposition Coalition.

The Opposition also states that an innocent person has been defamed due to the contents of a statement that has not even been verified as authentic or not. Accusing the government, Police and PG Office of being involved in leaking the statement, Opposition called on to an independent institution to investigate and take actions against the matter.