Special Envoy Abbas Faiz supports public trial for May 6 Attack

Special Envoy Abbaz Faiz appointed by President Solih.

Male, Maldives – Special Envoy of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Abbas Faiz states that now that the first part of the investigation is over, Police is now expected to investigate the links and finances of the May Terror Attack against Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

Abbas Faiz tweeted last night to congratulate the Prosecutor General’s Office on pressing charges against four of the accused individuals on the May Terror Attack. Abbas Faiz revealed that the PGO and MPS has provided assurance that wider links and the financing of the attack is currently being investigated.

In his tweet, Abbas Faiz also stated that he fully support’s PG Shameem’s call for a public trial for the individuals who were prosecuted over the terror attack.

Last week, PG Shameem stated that he wishes to carry out the trials, that does not include of matters that could endanger the country, as openly as possible. However, he mentioned that only the court has the power to allow it.

Mid-May, President Solih appointed a British Special Envoy, Abbas Faiz to monitor the investigation, prosecution and trial of the terrorist attack that took place on May 6th against the Speaker of Parliament and former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Special Envoy, Abbas Faiz is required to ensure that all stages of the investigation prosecution and trial of the alleged perpetrators, including any related and necessary inquiries are according to the international best practice and national laws. This is to ensure that the integrity of this investigation.

President’s Office earlier informed that Mr. Faiz will be stationed at the President’s Office until the investigation is finished and publicized, while closely inspecting and advising the 241 Committee.