Avid College signed a lease agreement with AAA, not a takeover

From the inauguration ceremony of Avid School of Aviation | Photo: Avid College

Malé, Maldives – Documents submitted to the Civil Court of Maldives revealed that contrary to the statements by Avid College, the educational institution signed a lease agreement with Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA) and not a takeover.

This information was revealed when the students of AAA filed a case against the flying school at the Civil Court of Maldives.

The agreement between AAA and Avid College states that Avid College has leased the property of AAA, however, the flight school will still be run under the name of AAA through a lease agreement.

The Transport Ministry of Maldives informs that institutions are required to obtain a license from the Civil Aviation Authority for pilot training programs, and Avid School of Aviation does not have any such license.

ASA does not have an ATO. Nor does it have the approval to carry out trainings such as ATPL, CPL, IR, MER or PPL.

Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation

Students of AAA recently expressed their concerns that they have received information that ASA s not registered under Civil Aviation or Higher Education and that ASA does not even have an ATO to operate a flying school. Noting that Avid school does not exist, students raised concerns that the school has been sending enrollment forms to students as well.

Along with this, the students also expressed their concerns that Avid was not cooperating with them. Even in cases where some students who requested a refund from AAA have been instructed to speak to Avid but did not receive cooperation.