MDP Chairperson sends Afeef’s case to MDP PG group for investigation

MP of Villifushi Constituency Hassan Afeef | photo: Parliament

Male’, Maldives – On President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s request, Chairperson of MDP, Hassan Latheef has sent MP for Vilifushi Constituency, Hassan Afeef’s case to the MDP Parliament Group for investigation for saying that it is unsure whether President Solih is still a member of MDP.

While President of MDP, Speaker Mohamed Nasheed has been in a disagreement with President Solih, several criticism has been pointed towards President Solih.

Speaking at a TV channel, MP Afeef recently stated that from the actions of President Solih, there are doubts whether he is from Adhaalath Party or MDP. Following this, Afeef has stated President Solih has requested to investigate on him.

When President Solih was questioned of the matter at a press conference, he responded by saying that he did request the Chairperson of MDP to investigate on why such a senior member of MDP would say such a thing. President Solih stated that such actions will divide the party into pieces.

Speaking to local media outlet, “Adhadhu” Chairperson Hassan Latheef confirmed that President Solih contacted him regarding the matter and questioned whether no actions will be taken against Afeef within the party for such actions. Latheef stated that he shared President Solih’s concern with Afeef soon after his call with the President.

Noting that Afeef is a parliament member and the issues of parliament members are dealt by the PG group, Latheef stated that he has requested the Leader of PG group and MP for Henveyru Constituency, Ali Azim to look into the matter.