Proper system established to rehabilitate perpetrators: Minister Imran

Minister of Home Affairs, Sheikh Imran Abdullah | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – Home Minister Imran Abdullah stated that a proper system has been established in the country to rehabilitate the perpetrators.

Celebrating 50 years for Correctional Services, Minister Imran stated that the Correctional Service provides services that are important for the safety of the public such as rehabilitating, treating and even teaching the perpatrators skills before they are released.

Minister Imran stated that the Maldives Correctional Service has adapted to the latest methods, establishing a proper system in taking care of the perpetrators.

For me, carrying out such huge responsibilities in a systematic way is very important.

Home Minister Imran Abdullah

Minister Imran expressed gratitude towards the effort of both the government and the Correctional Service in improving the condition of jails and helping the perpetrators to go in the right path.