Framework to be established to facilitate Police-Local Council relations

Home Minister Imran Abdulla and Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed | Photo: Police

Malé, Maldives – Home Minister of Maldives, Imran Abdullah has stated that they are working on establishing a structural framework to facilitate the working relationship between Police and Councils within the upcoming days.

The statement from Minister Imran comes while speaking at the official ceremony held to inaugurate ADh. Omadhoo Police Post.Minister Imran assured that the framework will be built based on rules and regulations. Regulation for the framework will be established with the opinions of the Local Government Authority (LGA), Councils and the Police as it is vital to help the islands have a peaceful environment.

While noting that implementation of the new amendments brought to the Police Law is a huge comfort received to the citizens and to the Police Association itself, Minister Imran stated that the new law is a massive build on in the efforts of the government in making Police services wider in the country.

Minister Imran also stated that with the inauguration ceremony of a new Police Post in Adh. Omadhoo, it shows that the government has great views on widening Police services in the atolls of Maldives.

The President has given us a strong aim. Establishing Police services in all the islands of Maldives within the upcoming three years time is a huge responsibility and work.

Minister Imran stated.

Minister Imran stated that the environments in the atolls are peaceful and relaxing, however, the recent behaviors seen such as the regular use of drugs in the atolls that is followed by multiple crimes is not an environment that any citizen wishes to face.

To save the future generations from these illicit acts, Minister Imran stated that the cooperation of the citizens with the Police is very important, and that especially with the establishment of decentralization system, the support that the Police receives from the Councils is necessary to help the islands lead to a peaceful environment .