COVID-19: Maldives records 223rd death

Burial of a person who passed away due to Covid-19 in Maldives | Photo: Mohamed Auzam

Malé, Maldives – Heath Protection Agency (HPA) today revealed that the COVID-19 death toll has reached 223 in Maldives.

As per the agency, the latest fatality was a 75-year-old Maldivian female admitted at HMF has passed away at 11:20.

After experiencing the worst surge of COVID-19 in May, Maldives has been slowly recovering. Authorities have been easing up the stringent measures implemented at the time to curb the virus, as the number of cases declined. 

Currently, Maldives has recorded 79,864 positive cases, of which 1,677 cases are currently active, and 77,953 people have made full recoveries.