Court sentences W Construction to pay MVR 4.5 million for negligent death of 8yr old

Construction site | Photo: Facebook

Malé, Maldives – The Civil Court of Maldives, today, sentenced W Constructions to pay MVR 4.5 million to the family of Bangladeshi 8 year old girl, for her negligent death.

On 16 December 2018, the daughter of two Bangladeshi doctors died due to injuries sustained after being hit by a cement bag that fell on the pavement from the M. Nalahiya Manzil construction site managed by W Constructions.

The parents of the 8 year old girl, Dr. Farzana Hussain and Dr Mohamed Kamaluddin Javed, represented by Public Interest Law Center (PILC) filed for compensation of MVR 17.4 million, however, the Civil Court of Maldives sentenced W Constructions to pay MVR 4.5 million within two months.

The Civil Court sentence states that W Construction is held responsible through vicarious liabilities and must pay the set amount as compensation to the victim’s family.

While 6 individuals were charged with the case, 5 were sentenced as guilty by the Criminal Court. The guilty parties include Supervisor Moosa Hassan and four foreigners. The four Indian workers charged over her death were; Rajjav Ali, Muthmani Ramachandran, Keshari Lal Chauhary and Gulal Mohamed.

Two foreign workers were sentenced to jail while Moosa Hassan and two others were fined MVR 115,200 and MVR 7,200 respectively.