MP Meekail’s mother injured during attack at MDP Office

MDP Office located at Sosun Magu vandalized | Photo: File/Sun

Malé, Maldives – Long-term staff at MDP office and mother of MP Meekail Ahmed Naseem, Mariyam Zubair (Mandhy) has been injured in a violent attack at the MDP Office in Malé city today.

Police media official reveals that a violent attack was reported at 12:30 today from the MDP Office located at Sosun Magu, Malé and the female victim is being treated at ADK Hospital.

Maldives Police is currently investigating the matter.

Local news Mihaaru reports that in addition to Mandhy, Shamin a male cashier was also injured by the attackers who used a metal chain to injure the victims.

Update: 15:40, September 2, 2021

MP Meekail has shared that Mandhy is now in stable condition and states that the attacker was intoxicated at the time. He also urged to stop misinformation about the case.