Controversy emerges after ex-President Yameen joins opposition rally

Former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom takes part in a protest held on September 10, 2021, while under house arrest. | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – Controversy has risen in the Maldives after former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, who is currently under house arrest, took part in the protest held by PPM yesterday.

While the Political party of Yameen, PPM held a nationwide protest this Friday evening in the name of ‘Finding Justice’, Yameen participated in the protest that took place in the capital Male’ city from his house, leaving criticism from some and support from others. The former President stood near an open window of his home where the protesters could see him and waved at them. Videos and photos are also circulating in social media where the protestors handed Yameen some flags and he waved then along with the crowd.

Following this, the Commissioner of Prisons of Maldives Correctional Services, Ahmed Mohamed Fulhu stated that actions will be taken against Yameen for taking part in the protest as he violated the terms of his house arrest by taking part in the protest.

At the protest, Yameen shook hands with the protestors and was also handed two flags, a flag of PPM and the national flag, which he continued to wave from his window despite being in house arrest.

Although much controversy has risen due to the incident, the opposition supporters are joyful to see their leader and stated that the appearance of Yameen in their protest renewed hope amongst themselves and brought them joy.

The opposition released a statement stating that the former President has not broken the rules of his sentence and urged the government not to target their leader for the success of the protests. Yameen’s lawyer also stated that his actions do not go against the conditions of house arrest.

While Yameen was sentenced to five years in jail after being convicted of money laundering, he was changed to house arrest on April 29, 2021 due to escalating Covid-19 numbers in Maafushi prison where the former president was detained.