Opposition coalition holds ‘Indian Military Out’ protest in Malé

Opposition protest in Malé city | Photo: Social Media

Malé, Maldives – The Opposition Coalition on Friday evening held a peaceful protest calling to remove the alleged Indian military presence in the Maldives.

The protest titled “Walk for Independence” that started at 16:00 on 22 October 2021 ended peacefully at 18:00 at the starting point.

Us [the Maldives] being small is not a license for you to enslave us.

Acting Leader of Opposition Coalition Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey)

Speaking at the protest Abdul Raheem urged the neighbouring Indian government to provide space for the independence of Maldives and not trap the island nation in a debt trap.

Opposition Coalition Protest on 22 October 2021 | Video: Twitter

A large number of the public participated in the protest along with members of the opposition. The opposition also invited the ruling party to participate in the peaceful protest that called out nullifying all agreements between India and Maldives which impedes the independence of the Maldives.