Maldives to establish an independent Foreign Service

The Parliament of the Maldives | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives Parliament has voted to pass the Foreign Service bill to establish a Foreign Service in Maldives today.

The bill proposing the separation of the officers working in the foreign affairs sector from the Civil Service Commission was sponsored by the MP of Henveyru South Constituency Hussain Shaheem. The ratification of this bill will lead to the separation of the Foreign Affairs sector from the Civil Service Commission.

The purpose of the bill is to assist the President in maintaining Foreign relations with other countries while respecting the independence and security of the nation. The Foreign Service will include a team of professionals working to establish and execute the foreign policy in the Maldives. Separate staff working in the sector will be employed to the service.

AG Office detailed the cause of requesting to submit the Foreign Service bill and stated that it is to establish Foreign Service in Maldives. The AG Office stated that under this bill, rules will be created on how to maintain the service along with all the necessary guidelines needed for the employees in that service.

With the implementation of the Foreign Service Act, AG Office stated that the Foreign Policy of Maldives will get stronger and a professional foreign service cadre will be created after receiving special education, talents and experience on an international level to maintain quality.