Foreign service bill & Income tax bill to be presented to Parliament

Picture of the Maldivian Parliament | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives —The Attorney General’s Office has sent a request to the President’s Office to present the Parliament with a Foreign service bill and a bill to amend the Income tax law on behalf of the government.

AG Office has detailed the cause of requesting to submit a Foreign Service bill and stated that it is to establish Foreign Service in Maldives. The AG Office stated that under this bill, rules will be created on how to maintain the service along with all the necessary guidelines needed for the employees in that service.

With this Foreign Service bill, AG Office stated that the Foreign Policy of Maldives will get stronger and a professional foreign service cadre will be created after receiving special education, talents and experience on an international level to adjust to a good quality level.

On the other hand, AG office stated that the request to present a bill to reform the income tax law was to amend the exceptional categories in the income tax wage. Along with this, AG Office intends to amend the bill by changing how much bank commission the residents of Maldives who are living in the country must pay, Interconnection charges in addition to the exceptions available when one pays the tax through Reinsurance Premium.

AG Office stated that the amendment brought to the Income Tax will also include of changing the rules to pay for the withholding tax of those who aren’t Maldivians. AG Office stated that after taxes are taken under the amended law, several difficulties that were faced in deciding a verdict for the law.

In addition to this, AG Office stated that the amendment Income Tax bill will also consist of changes that need to be brought to further steady the method of collecting income tax.