63yr old woman arrested for preschool child sexual abuse case released!

From the anti-rape protest calling for justice for the preschool sexual abuse case | Photo: Dhauru

Malé, Maldives – UPDATE (19:31) Local news “Adhadhu” reports that the woman arrested for the preschool child sexual abuse case have been released as of tonight.

While there have been no official confirmations regarding this, local news sources allege that the woman was released without due process.

(20:13) Police state that the woman was released under advisement from the Prosecutor General’s Office, without requesting for remand at the Criminal Court. Police will continue to investigate the case.

The Maldives Police Service confirmed on Monday that a 63 year old woman has been arrested with a court warrant in connection to the preschool child sexual abuse case.

October 16, a 4 year old student was sexually abused at a school in the capital city Malé. The child identified the perpetrator as a female janitorial staff fondly referred to by students as “toilet dhatha” who take young children to the toilet at the school.

The woman was arrested after taking the statements of multiple individuals from the school including the management.

The Galolhu School on October 30 decided to suspend all janitorial staff amid public outrage and installed CCTV cameras in 18 locations.

While there is public pressure to release the identity of the arrested, police have not revealed any further details on the case.