Police arrest two opposition activists for graffitiing “India Out” on school walls

Photo: Sh. Feydhoo Island Council via Dhauru

Shaviyani Atoll, Maldives – Police arrested two PPM activists were on Sunday under court warrant for graffitiing “India Out” and other slogans on Sh. Feydhoo preschool walls.

Two Maldivians, ages 28 and 31, were arrested and remanded by the court for additional seven days for police investigation on the case.

The opposition coalition has condemned the arrest, stating that it is lawful under the constitution to express any beliefs as long as it does not go against the Maldivian laws and Islam.

The MDP government is under a wrong impression that they can kidnap and shackle every person who express opposition against India.


The case was filed at the police by the Feydhoo local council.

In addition to the “India Out” slogan, the walls were also graffitied with “India Military Out,” “Ban MDP,” “Ban MDN” and “Ban Uthema.”

The graffiti also included phrases like “Love you very much” and “What a lovely bunch of people!!!”

Feydhoo Council President Ahmed Raisan criticized the act stating that it is neither cool nor great.

Opposition leader and former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom has previously urged the public to write “India Out” on the walls of their home on a campaign trip to Shaviyani atoll in January this year.