Police investigate opposition activist for tweeting to execute President Solih

Zahid Rameez | Photo: Sun/Mohamed Afrah

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police Service initiated an investigation into a tweet by opposition activist Zahid Rameez to execute President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

In world’s greatest nations, the punishment for traitors is death. In the next presidency I wish to see the laws of Maldives amended as per the Islamic Shariah to include the death penalty and President Solih hanged.

Zahid Rameez (Twitter)

Regarding the tweet, the Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed has stated that a threat to someone’s life is a serious matter which will be investigated.

Inciting violence towards another person or a person’s life will be taken seriously.

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed

Speaking to local news “Adhadhu” the Police Commissioner further stated that the matter will be discussed with Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem to explore the legal ramifications of expressing opinions that may incite violence.

Previously a man was prosecuted for threatening to murder Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, while another was charged with terrorism for threatening to bomb the Indian High Commission on social media.