Yameen Rasheed’s mother shows mercy saving murder convicts from death penalty

Mothers of Yameen and Rilwan holding a #WeAreYameen banner | Photo: Maldives Independent

Malé, Maldives – At the sentencing hearing for the murder of blogger and activist Yameen Rasheed, the victim’s mother has chosen against death penalty.

At the hearing today, Yameen’s mother said that the murder victim advocated for the right to life for every human and chose blood money over the death penalty.

While charges were raised against six suspects, only two were convicted while the others walked free.

Mohamed Dhifraan, GDh.Gaddhoo, SindhubaadhugeHassan Shifaz, M.KudhehigeIsmail Rasheed, M.ThaaifHussain Ziyadh, M.Kolhufushee East were not found guilty of the charges.

The murder convicts, Ismail Haisham Rasheed, H.Annaarumaage, Ahmed Zihaan Ismail, M.Iraasmikuge faced a possible death penalty under the Maldivian law depending on the consensus of the victim’s heirs. Yameen Rasheed’s father sought the death penalty but his mother’s mercy saved the murder convicts.

Yameen Rasheed was brutally murdered on April 23, 2017. He was found at the stairs of his residence with extreme injuries to the individual assumable with a sharp object. He was killed due to a religious conflict, according to Police and Death Commission.