MDP celebrates as Rashid leads with only one box left

Vote counting at Komandoo by-election | Photo: Adhadhu

Malé, Maldives – MDP has started celebrating as the ruling party’s candidate Mohamed Rashid leads with polls with over 1000 votes.

All but one box have been counted in the Komandoo by-election. Celebrations have started in Rashid’s home island of Sh. Fokaidhoo where he is at present.

Three candidates contested the election,

  1. Mohamed Rasheed (MDP) served as the Council President of Sh. Fokaidhoo – 884 votes
  2. Moosa Fathuhy (PPM) served as the Deputy Home Minister – 745 votes
  3. Abdul Hannan Idris (MNP) is a Komandoo native who serves an integral part in the community – 163 votes

The voting stations were located in the three islands of the Komandoo constituency; Sh. Komandoo, Sh. Fokaidhoo, Sh. Maroshi and the capital city Malé.

The election is scheduled following the passing of the Komandoo MP Hussain Waheed.

In the most recent election for the Komandoo constituency, senior member of MDP, the late Hussain Waheed won the seat with majority votes.