Voter turnout at 44 percent by noon for Komandoo by-election

Voter casting vote at Komandoo by-election | Photo: Fayaz Moosa/Mihaaru

Sh. Atoll, Maldives – 1,472 votes have been cast or the Komandoo by-election according to the most recent data by the Elections Commission.

This makes up for 44.4 percent of the total voters.

The Komandoo by-election opened this morning as scheduled in six locations from 08:00 to 16:00 today.

While voting is open from 08:00 to 16:00, 15:00 to 16:00 is assigned for voters who are in quarantine due to Covid-19.

The voting stations are located in the three islands of the Komandoo constituency; Sh. Komandoo, Sh. Fokaidhoo, Sh. Maroshi and the capital city Malé. Vote boxes are placed in Sh. Atoll Education Center (C11.1), Sh. Komandoo Preschool (C11.2), Sh. Maroshi Social Center (C9.1), Sh. Fokaidhoo School (C7.2) and Iskandhar School, Malé (T0.1, T0.2).

While there are 3,309 eligible voters for the Komandoo seat, around 1,300 are residents of Malé.

Three candidates are contesting the election,

  1. Mohamed Rasheed (MDP) served as the Council President of Sh. Fokaidhoo.
  2. Moosa Fathuhy (PPM) served as the Deputy Home Minister.
  3. Abdul Hannan Idris (MNP) is a Komandoo native who serves an integral part in the community.

The election is scheduled following the passing of the Komandoo MP Hussain Waheed.

In the most recent election for the Komandoo constituency, senior member of MDP, the late Hussain Waheed won the seat with majority votes.