Second southern wetland erupts into fire within 10 days

Fire at Fuvahmulah Veedhado wetland area in 2022 | Photo: MNDF

Fuvahmulah, Maldives – Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) reports that the Fuvahmulah fire station has extinguished a fire in the wetlands of the southern city.

The fire was first reported from the Veedhado wetlands of Funaadu district at 18:00 today and extinguished two hours later at around 20:00.

MNDF states that the fire was doused with the assistance of the locals, city council and other soldiers.

Nine days ago, a fire erupted due to unknown causes at the Addu City Hithadhoo Maakilhi wetland. The fire spread uncontrolled for more than 8 hours before it was extinguished.

A fire broke out in the same area in Fuvahmulah last year concentrated at the Dhan’dimagu Kulhi.