BML warns against surging frauds and scams

Building of Bank of Maldives, in Male', Maldives | Photo: BML

Malé, Maldives – Bank of Maldives (BML) has warned the public against increasing frauds and scams that are being carried out under various pretences.

The bank said that the number of such cases reported to the bank is is increasing everyday and that some fraudsters call from mobile phones or masked numbers pretending to be an old friend or a supply service company in order to swindle unsuspecting victims out of money.

“They even call pretending to be from the bank. Which ever guise they pose as, their ultimate goal is cheating people out of money. Sometimes it’s via mobile transfer. Other times it’s through ATM deposits.” Mohamed Saeed, Public Relations Manager of Bank of Maldives said.

Due to this increasingly problematic issue, the bank has warned everyone to be vigilant and to avoid answering such potential calls. Further, the public is also urged to not carry out any financial transactions or share personal details upon the request of strangers.

According to the Bank of Maldives website, some scam callers may have some personal informations of those they contact, and may even sound like the bank’s customer service staff. However, it is important to know that the bank will never call and ask customers for details such as bank card numbers, CVC/CVV numbers, PINs, OTPs, mobile banking app passwords, internet banking password or usernames.

Should any customer ever be contacted by any other number pretending to be the bank or anyone else, the bank urges customers to contact the bank or get in touch with their official Facebook and Twitter. Similarly, in the event that customers may have provided personal information to any potential fraudsters, the bank urges customers to immediately call up the bank and block the cards and resets internet banking passwords. The general contact number of Bank of Maldives is 3330200.