Fleet of live-aboards line up near Gan to receive passengers from SriLankan Airlines

Fleet of liveaboards lined up near Gan to receive passengers from Sri Lankan Airlines | Photo: Gan International Airport

Addu City, Maldives – A fleet of live-aboards lined up to receive passengers arriving from SriLankan Airlines today.

At least 11 live-aboard vessels queued up in the southern most atoll of Maldives as tourism slowly boosts up in the region since international flights were brought to a stop due to Covid-19.

SriLankan Airlines recently resumed operations to Gan after a brief half due to the pandemic, with one weekly flight to Gan International Airport (GIA).

Owing to a recent domestic connectivity agreement with local domestic carrier Manta Air, SriLankan also announced that the airlines will be increasing its weekly frequency to the destination to two flights a week starting 29th March.

According to the General Service Agent (GSA) of SriLankan Airlines in the Maldives, Ace Maldives, the newly scheduled domestic flights of Manta Air to Gan has increased connectivity for tourists arriving from Italy, UK, Spain, Germany and Dubai.