BML cards blocked in Russia

Bank of Maldives cards | Photo: BML

Malé, Maldives – All cards of Bank of Maldives (BML) can no longer be used in Russia, says the bank.

This comes amidst the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia, which has significantly affected the global payment landscape. According to the bank, with card networks closely monitoring and continuing to take prompt action to ensure compliance with applicable international sanctions, customers will not be able to use BML cards in Russia.

Based on the actions taken by international governments, regulators, banks, SWIFT, and card networks, customers will be unable to use our cards in Russia and other regions where current sanctions are applicable. Similarly, our merchants will not be able to receive payments originating from cardholders in these regions. 

Bank of Maldives, 2022

In addition to cards and merchant services, international remittance services have also been impacted by these sanctions. Customers are expected to experience significant delays or may be unable to send TTs to banks in Russia or elsewhere where sanctions have been enforced, said the bank.