Additional MVR 20 notes released into circulation

New MVR 20 notes released into circulation | Photo: MMA

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) has released new MVR 20 notes in to circulation with Governor Ali Hashim’s signature today.

The notes were brought to Maldives on 13th October 2021, however, were only released today due to a decrease in stock, said MMA. According to the Authority, the notes brought in 2015 are estimated to run out by the end of March.

“There should always be enough notes for the economy. The stock brought in in 2015 to introduce ‘Ran Dhiha Faheh’ in 2016 will run out by the end of this month, so a new stock was brought in,” MMA said.

The date on the new notes are 01 July 2020, 10 Dhul-Qaida 1441. Along with the new notes, the previously intriduced notes of MVR 20 will still remain in circulation, said MMA.

This is the first time notes are being released in to circulation with MMA’s Governor Ali Hashim’s signature since he was appointed on 8th September, 2019.