Maldives discovers new fish named Finifenmaa

Finifenmaa | Photo: MMRI

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives Marine Research Institute has announced the discovery of a new fish, a rose-veiled fairy wrasse, which has been given a Maldivian name.

The fish was named Cirrhilabrus Finifenmaa, making it the first to be given a Maldivian name. ‘Finifenmaa’ is the Dhivehi word for rose and the national flower of the Maldives is the pink rose, which the colour of the newly found species is named after.

The Finifenmaa has been found to be living in the deep reefy areas of the Maldives and Sri Lanka, and was sighted earlier as well. However, it was mistaken for the Cirrhilabrus Rubrisquamis, which is a famous species in the aquarium industry.

This new discovery has now been published in the Zookeys in collaboration with the Academy of Science, University of Syndey, the Australian Museum Research Institute, the Field Museum of Natural History and the Maldives Marine Research Institute.