MP Saleem calls for MP Recall Act

The member of constituency of Hoarafushi, Ahmed Saleem. | Photo: Majilis

Malé, Maldives – Parliamentarian for the Hoarafushi Constituency Ahmed Saleem on Tuesday called for a system to authorize constituents to remove their respective parliament representatives.

Speaking at the 18th sitting of the incumbent parliament, MP Saleem highlighted that the Maldivian system is wasteful and the parliament is operated with a conflict of interest.

Why do we not talk about how we make decisions to benefit us based on laws we pass … We decide our own salary, medical insurance, our food, passports, and even give insurance to our wives and children

MP Saleem

“We always refer to other countries. The best example of parliamentary democracy is the UK. An independent commission sets the salary for parliamentarians,” added MP Saleem.

We shouldn’t try to fix others before fixing ourselves.

The Hoarafushi MP added that presently parliament members think that they can stay in the parliament forever once elected. He stated that it makes no difference whether an MP even attends the parliament sittings or actively does their job.

Why can’t our voters remove us and send us back to where we came from if they don’t like us? … If I don’t turn up for my job; if I can’t perform; [voters] must be able to petition to remove me.

MP Saleem

He further stated that the UK has implemented the MP Recall Act and Maldives is in need of a similar law.

MP Saleem’s words echo a rising public sentiment for the right to remove non-performing parliamentarians from office.