EPA investigates Addu City Council’s removal of over 50 coconut palms from “Ruhfashaa”

Addu Ruhfashaa area before (R) and after (L) | Photo: Addulive/Addumarathon

Addu City, Maldives – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday launched an investigation into the removal of over 50 coconut palms from the Addu “Ruhfashaa” area.

Director of General of EPA Mohamed Naeem stated that they are investigating whether the coconut palms were uprooted as per the EPA approval. Addu City Council previously informed that the coconut palms were removed with the permission of EPA.

EPA has asked the Addu City Council to answer queries regarding the matter.

While the agency has begun an investigation into the matter following public outrage at the removal of palms from the iconic area, Addu Mayor Ali Nizar said that there is no reason for the outrage since the palms provide neither shade nor coconuts.