42kg drug case: Ex PNC council member attempted to flee

Arrested ex-PNC council member Ahmed Hussain

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has revealed that the now dismissed People’s National Congress (PNC) Council Member Ahmed Hussain who has been identified and arrested as a key member in the 42 kilogram drug bust in Malé attempted to flee by changing his phone and contact number.

Ahmed Hussain, who’s drugs were found under a false flooring in an abandoned house in Malé by local Police was taken to court for his remand hearing on Saturday with charges of importing and trafficking drugs in to the country against him.

In his defence, Hussain claimed that the drugs were found in a place which is generally accessible to anyone, and said that this was done by someone who has an enmity against him.

However, Police said in court that he changed his mobile phone device and phone number in an attempt to flee from the authorities.

The court ordered him to be held in remand for 10 days.

As of recent, Police have been seizing large amounts of drugs from the Malé area. As such, 17 kilograms of drugs were recently seized from a pickup in Malé, which resulted in four individuals being arrested.