Court remands 10 individuals linked to 315 KG drug busts

Mohamed Ahmed, Ibrahim Zaidh Habeeb, Juman Musthafa, Midhuhath Ibrahim, Ibrahim Sinaan, Mohamed Hussain, MD Rageegul Islam, DM Mobin (L-R) | Photo: Police

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives Courts, today, remanded 10 individuals linked to two drug raids.

100 KG Drug Bust

October 14 – The Maldives Police Service (MPS) has arrested 10 and seized 100 kilos of heroin in a joint counter-narcotics trafficking operation.

The police reveal that 10 individuals were sent for remand, with 8 being remanded. Two major players were released by the courts, resulting in the police sending the two cases the Prosecutor Genal (PG) for appeal.

Police reveal that the identities of the remanded individuals as,

  • Ibrahim Sinaan (24), Dear Friend, HDh. Kumundhoo
  • Mohamed Hussain (61), Polaris, Dh. Bandidhoo
  • MD Rageegul Islam (35), Bangladesh
  • DM Mobin (24), Bangladesh
  • Juman Musthafa (19), Beach Heaven, N. Velidhoo
  • Ibrahim Zaidh Habeeb (25), Sosunge, GA. Kolamaafushi
  • Mohamed Ahmed (34), Janavareemaage, L. Kalaidhoo
  • Midhuhath Ibrahim (26), Dheyliyaage, GA. Dhevvadhoo

Of the 10 remanded, Sinaan, Hussain, Islam and Mobin were remanded for 15 days, Musthafa, Habeeb and Ahmed for 10 days and Ibrahim for 5 days.

215 KG Drug Bust

October 15 – The police completed a counter-narcotics operation that began on Wednesday, successfully seizing approximately 215 kilos of heroin and arresting two.

R. Maduvvari Court remanded the two individuals to 15 days in remand. Police have not released the identity of these individuals.