Biggest projects in Addu history ongoing during this administration: Addu City Council

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih meets with Addu City Council | Photo: PO

Addu City, Maldives – Addu City Council has stated that the ongoing developmental projects of Addu City are the biggest the city has ever witnessed.

During President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s official visit to Addu City on Saturday, President Solih met with the City Council and the Women’s Development Committee of Addu. The President’s Office reported that key developmental projects ongoing in the city were discussed during these meetings.

As such, the Council shared updates of these projects with President Solih, and highlighted that these projects are big, historic projects, while also sharing with the President additional requirements of the council.

“During this meeting, council highlighted the need to resolve housing issues, tourism development, revision of the council budget, issues faced by Addu Equatorial Hospital (AEH), lighting issues in the Zone Stadium as well as other social issues and the need to increase human resources, among other things,” said the President’s Office.

Additionally, the council also referred to the concerns involving the requirement to improve the condition of the city roads and health services as well as other projects being carried out by the council.

In response, President Solih assured the council that projects carried out in islands and cities will be carried out in dialogue with the respective councils. He also assured the council that he would be conferring with respective government offices regarding the issues raised by the council.