First Lady inaugurates new Maradhoo School building

First Lady Fazna Ahmed inaugurated a new building in Maradhoo School | Photo: PO

Addu City, Maldives – First Lady Fazna Ahmed on Sunday afternoon inaugurated a new building with 12 classrooms in Maradhoo School.

The government spent MVR 9,591,150.95 on the development of these classrooms. Additional projects to improve Maradhoo School were included in this year’s budget.

After the Maradhoo School visit, First Lady Fazna was joined by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for a tour of Feydhoo School, where they met with senior management of the school.

Refurbishment of Feydhoo School was also included in this year’s budget. The government’s plans for the school include the construction of two additional classrooms, a health room, councillor’s room and the improvement of the school godown.

The President and First Lady are currently in Addu City as part of a four-day trip to the Maldives’ southern cities. A high-level delegation accompanied them on this trip.