President Solih inaugurates Meedhoo harbour

President Solih inaugurates Meedhoo harbour | Photo: PO

Addu City, Maldives – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Monday morning inaugurated the harbour developed in Meedhoo. Following the inauguration ceremony, the harbour was officially handed over to the Addu City Council.

Meedhoo Harbour development project was undertaken by the Maldives Transport and Contracting Company Ltd. (MTCC). As part of the project, the harbour and its entrance were deepened and a new sand fill breakwater, a 115-meter seawall, and a 496-meter quay wall structure were constructed. MTCC also laid pavements and installed lights along the harbour.

The President visited the worksite of the Hulhudhoo harbour development project, also undertaken by MTCC, and inspected its progress. The plans for Hulhudhoo harbour include deepening the entrance, installation of a 624-meter revetment, 114-meter breakwater, 742-meter quay wall and finishing the project with pavements and lights laid out along the harbour.

Earlier in the day, President and First Lady Fazna Ahmed visited the ‘Vilunu’ Drug Detoxification and Community Rehabilitation Centre established in Hulhudhoo. The drug treatment rehabilitation facility in the country’s southern region has the capacity to house 60 individuals and is equipped to administer rehabilitation treatment programs that were structured with the expertise of World Health Organization consultants (WHO). ‘Vilunu’ rehabilitation centre offers a wide range of treatments including, residential and community rehabilitation treatments along with reintegration programs for vulnerable communities.

The President and First Lady are currently in Addu City on a four-day tour of the Maldives’ southern cities. A high-level delegation accompanied them on this trip.