Finance Ministry to determine salaries of Foreign Service staff

Ministry of Foreign Affairs building | Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Malé, Maldives – The Parliament of Maldives on Monday passed the amendment authorizing the Ministry of Finance to determine the salaries of Foreign Service Staff.

The parliament passed this amendment ahead of the establishment of the Maldives Foreign Service on 14 May 2022.

Prior to the amendment, the President’s Office was to determine the salaries of Foreign Service employees. With the new changes, the Finance Ministry will determine salaries with advisement from the National Pay Commission.

The President ratified the Maldives Foreign Service Act (Act no: 20/2021) in November 2021.

The Maldives Foreign Service Act governs the establishment of a separate entity titled “Foreign Service” to implement the foreign policy of the Maldives and specifies its organisational structure, management policy, and matters relating to diplomatic cadre.

With the implementation of the Maldives Foreign Service Act, a completely separate institution called “Maldives Foreign Service” would be established next month.