Handing over Maldives airports to foreign companies is dangerous: Didi

Brigadier (Rtd) Ibrahim Mohamed Didi | Photo: Google

Malé, Maldives — Former Central Hithadhoo MP, Brigadier-General (Retired) Ibrahim Mohamed Didi has stated that allowing 100% foreign companies to operate Maldivian airports is a danger to the safety of the country.

The statement from Didi comes after amendments were brought to the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy was changed yesterday to allow 100% foreign companies to operate the airports in Maldives.

Didi tweeted regarding the amendment and stated that such a change is a danger to the country’s safety and questioned what the Parliament Committee on National Security Service is doing when such changes are brought.

Is Minister Mariya awake? Or what is happening? Was Sector 237 of the law buried?

Brigadier-General (Retired) Ibrahim Mohamed Didi

The previous FDI policy stated that transport services can be given to 75% foreign companies for a maximum of five years. However, the amendment gazetted by the Economic Ministry yesterday read that 100% foreign companies with no Maldivian shares can operate the airports of Maldives.

The conditions required for foreign companies to operate Maldivian airports is with a USD 5 million worth investment and to get the permission of the government.

Along with this, the new amendment of FDI also states that air transport services in Maldives, excluding freight services, can be invested by foreign companies with 100% shares as well.